Welcome to the online home of Phineas L. MacGuire! The fourth adventure of Phineas — a.k.a. “Mac” — hit the shelves of grocery stores in April and is called Phineas L. MacGuire…Gets Cooking! It was published in three parts in boxes of Cheerios! breakfast cereal, and will be released in regular hardback format in November. If you want to buy earlier books starring Phineas L. MacGuire, head on over to our Books page.

Phineas L. MacGuire Gets CookingNow in Stores!

After a six-month run in Cheerios! breakfast cereal boxes, the latest adventure of Phineas and his friends is now available in stores and online. In Phineas L. MacGuire Gets Cooking, Mac applies his science skills to culinary creations after his mom gives him a new chore: cooking dinner every night. He may be a genius, but he knows nothing about following a recipe. A pinch? A dash? A smidge? This doesn’t seem very scientific. A pound of spaghetti? Salt on brownies? Lemon in biscuits? The recipes look a little funky but he better get up to speed if he and his friends are going to win the $10,000 Bake-Off prize.

Hey Kids!

If you are a kid wanting to read about science, head straight to Mac’s Notebook. You’ll find articles about everything from space stations to whale poop. There are experiments you can try yourself at home as well as things you should absolutely never ever try. You might want to get started with our guide to How to Think Like a Scientist. The Science News for Kids page features headlines from around the web, so you’ll find the latest and greatest information about breaking science stories there.

Hey Parents!

There are three earlier Phineas adventures available in paperback, so please visit our Books page to learn about Phineas L. MacGuire…Erupts!, Phineas L. MacGuire…Gets Slimed! and Phineas L. MacGuire…Blasts Off! Award-winning author Frances O’Roark Dowell started the Phineas series when her oldest son, Jack, became an enthusiastic reader but was too young to read her other books, such as Dovey Coe, which won the Edgar Award, and Shooting the Moon, which won the Christopher Award:

I decided to write one I thought he and his friends would like, and since he’s pretty interested in scientific matters, I decided to write a book about a kid who’s a serious scientist. It was fun for me and Jack to try out the experiments that Mac (aka Phineas L. MacGuire) does in the book. When Jack got older, his younger brother Will became my scientific ‘partner in crime.’

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The Highly Scientific Notebooks of Phineas L. MacGuire…

“. . .one of the most charmingly engaging new characters in the modern chapter-book scene”

Starred Review from Kirkus

  • California Young Reader Medal Nominee
  • Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award Master List (VT)
  • Georgia Children’s Book Award Nominee
  • Grand Canyon Reader Award Nominee (AZ)
  • Land of Enchantment Children’s Master List (NM)
  • Maud Hart Lovelace Award Master List (MN)
  • NYPL 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing
  • Nevada Young Reader’s Award Nominee
  • Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award Nominee
  • Sunshine State Young Reader’s Award Master List (FL)
  • Virginia Readers’ Choice Award Master List
  • William Allen White Children’s Book Award Master List (KS)
  • Bank Street Best Books of the Year
  • Eleanor Cameron Golden Duck Award

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