Phineas L. MacGuire’s Guide to How to Think Like a Scientist for Kids!

icon-einsteinBy David L. Kaufman

Science is largely a frame of mind, a way of looking at the world. Sure there are facts and figures. There are observations to make. There are experiments to conduct. But whether you are studying eagle feathers or worm poop, you’ll be using the same basic approach. This approach is called the scientific method. The scientific method is simply a logical way of discovering things about the world.

The good news is that there is nothing especially complicated about the scientific method. You don’t even have to be a scientist to use it. If fact, you probably use parts of it already without realizing it.

The articles in the following pages will walk you through the scientific method step by step. Like any good guide on how to think like a scientist for kids, these articles cover the important principles in scientific thought, but along the way you’ll encounter kittens, chocolate chip cookies, space zombies, dogs that bark at midnight, astronauts, and more.

So why don’t you get started? You’ll find the articles listed to the right.